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Organic Facial Cleansing Oil

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil


Our Organic Cleansing Oil is the perfect way to wipe away a day’s stress, dirt, and makeup – without the use of harsh chemicals. Massage a small amount of oil to face, add warm water to massage, then wash or wipe off with a soft wash cloth.

*This product is now in a white matte glass bottle!


  • Cleanses skin and removes dirt and makeup
  • Full of antioxidants to promote natural skin regeneration
  • Protects natural skin oils and maintains healthy moisture levels

Ingredients: Organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin avocado oil, organic tea tree oil, organic lavender oil

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Provides deep and long lasting moisture and promotes healthy skin cell growth 
    • Contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins
  • Organic Virgin Avocado Oil
    • Rich in essential proteins and vitamins A, D, and E
    • Assists with the rejuvenation of skin
    • Includes antioxidants, vitamins A, D and E
  • Organic Tea Tree Oil
    • Cleanses skin by disinfecting pores
    • Combats acne and bacteria-related ailments
    • Contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics
  • Organic Lavender Oil
    • Contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
    • Has stress reducing properties

Certified organic   fair trade    non gmo certified vegan

2 fl. oz/60 ml | UPC 857334005016 |

New to using organic virgin coconut oil and plant-based superfoods skincare? Read more about our ingredients and why you should use them here!

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Our cocokind products are centered around organic virgin coconut oil and plant based superfoods, and are all USDA certified organic! Additionally, our line is cruelty-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free.

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