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This is the perfect gift for all new mamas! All of our organic baby products contain less than five ingredients and are specifically formulated to nourish even the most sensitive skin. Perfect for your little ones and for mamas!

Our Gift Set Includes:

  • Organic Baby Oil: With just four plant-based ingredients, our Organic Baby Oil moisturizes your baby’s skin while providing soothing and calming effects. Our oil is rich in omeg- 6 fatty acids and proteins, providing key nutrients to the skin. With absolutely no chemicals and no preservatives, our oil is suitable for both babies and mamas!
  • Organic Calming Powder: Our Organic Calming Powder is a gentle way to absorb excess moisture and keep your LO's skin refreshed!  With just four plant-based ingredients, our powder naturally contains therapeutic properties that relax and relieve skin. Our baby powder contains absolutely NO chemicals or preservatives, and is talc-free!
  • Organic Moisture Stick (On-The-Go!): Our Organic Moisture Stick helps lock in moisture and spot treat dry or rough areas. It is high in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, providing key nutrients to your LO's skin. Perfect for on-the-go applications! 
  • Organic Soothing Salve: Our organic soothing salve provides deep moisture for your baby’s delicate skin. With natural healing properties, our salve is best used on dry skin, rashes, or sore spots. Suitable for both mamas and babies!

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