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BABY Organic Baby Oil

BABY Organic Baby Oil


With just four plant-based ingredients, our Organic Baby Oil moisturizes your baby’s skin while providing soothing and calming effects. Our oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids and proteins, providing key nutrients to the skin. With absolutely no chemicals and no preservatives, our oil is suitable for both babies and mamas!


  • Gently moisturizes skin
  • Easily absorbed by skin
  • Delivers key nutrients and antioxidants

FOUR INGREDIENTS ONLY: Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, infused organic chamomile flowers

Ingredients Benefits:

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
    • Provides gentle yet deep moisture
    • Contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
    • Rich in omega-6 fatty acids to lock in moisture
    • Delivers vitamin E to skin
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
    • Effective emollient for sensitive and gentle skin
  • Organic Chamomile Flowers
    • Soothes and moisturizes skin
    • Delivers mild aroma with calming properties
    • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

    Certified organic   fair trade    non gmo certified vegan

     4 fl. Oz/120 ml | UPC 857334005269 | 

    New to using organic virgin coconut oil and plant-based superfoods skincare? Read more about our ingredients and why you should use them here!


    Our cocokind products are centered around organic virgin coconut oil and plant based superfoods, and are all USDA certified organic! Additionally, our line is cruelty-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free.

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